Information on 4C Products

Need a step-by-step guide on SMART Bots and Margin? Download the 4C product playbook here.

4C has started a revolution, and now is the time for you to be a part of it! We’ve improved our algorithm and services while condensing our channels and chatrooms to something easier to use. 

This guide will help you become familiar with these changes and answer any key questions along the way. Please refer to each section to gain a better understanding of how to use 4C products. If you ever have any questions feel free to contact our support.



Notes on Major Changes


  • SMART Bots now have the ability to trade three different cryptocurrencies on Binance Spot
  • SMART Bots will trade on Binance Spot while our SMART Margin will be on Binance Futures and FTX.
  • The 3 SMART Bots and the SMART Margin are now all on the same Telegram Bot @binance_4c_bot 
  • Each pack contains different SMART Bot that have a set capital trading limit which makes up the total capital limit set by the purchased pack. More information in the “How do you set up SMART Bots?” section.
  • You’ll need to set up a separate Binance account for each bot
  • We noticed that having too many channels was becoming a bit confusing for our users. We’ve centralized our trade and information channels to make things easier for you. From now on, all trading bots are in 1 single bot, and the signal channel will disappear to be on the trading bot itself.
  • As you know, BitMex is facing some legal problems right now. It’s our priority to keep our users safe, so we’ve moved to FTX and halting our support of BitMex. FTX is already a 4C partner and a fast-growing exchange with many cool tools. Do not forget to open an account there. For now, the BitMex bot will not be used anymore.
  • Our Telegram Trading New Room is still available for free, however, our new Trading Room and Trading Room Chat rooms are for subscribers only


Our SMART Bots are what will help you grow your crypto portfolios. They are designed to read complex trading algorithms from the Binance exchange to make the best trading decisions for you. SMART Bots are currently on Binance (Spot).

How do you set up SMART Bots?

For a more detailed explanation for setting up SMART Bots and API keys, please refer to our product playbook. Here is how to get started with your SMART Bots in 4 easy steps:

Step #1: After purchasing one of our 4C Trading subscription packs or enrolling in our free trial, create your 4C account.

Step #2: Once your account has been created, head over to the Binance Spot crypto exchange and create an account.

Step #3: Head to your 4C dashboard and add your accounts and link your API keys to the interface (Wallet > Api Keys > “Smart Bots & Trading” box > Add an API).

Step #4: Click on the SMART Bots tab and then go to “Settings”. Select for each account the SMART Bot you want to connect to it. Then click the ON/OFF button to enable each bot.

Please be aware that you’ll need to create a Binance account for each of your bots. The reason for this is because the SMART Bot will always trade 100% of the available capital. If you have 1 account and SMART BTC opens a trade and SMART ETH tries to open a trade, you’ll not have any capital left to follow the 2nd bot.

The trading capital limit will be split among each bot depending on the selected package. For example, If you’ve chosen the advanced package you’ll have a total trading limit of $10,000. You’ll need to split this limit between the BTC and ETH bots, $5000 for the BTC bot and $5000 for the ETH.

For the expert pack, you’ll have a trading limit of $25000 that you’ll need to split between the BTC, ETH, and LINK bots. The BTC bot will have a capital trading limit of $10000, ETH of $10000, and LINK of $5000. Please note that each bot has its own fixed limit and you cannot change the amount.

Do you need to make any adjustments to the SMART Bots?

There will be no need to make any other adjustments once the capital trading limit is set. The bot will do all the heavy lifting for you. If at any time you’ll like to make changes to the limit you can do so through your dashboard. Please be aware of the maximum that you can set due to your current plan.

Why is it important to have several SMART Bots?

It’s best practice to spread your capital between the bots, that is why every bot has its own capital trading limit. This allows our bots to help prevent slippage and minimize any losses in the crypto market.

Let’s say you have a total of 3 SMART Bots, one isn’t performing so well in the BTC market. The other two, on the ETH and LINK markets, are actually doing better. By diversifying your capital between these three bots, you’ve been able to minimize your trading losses. This is why diversification is so important and why we require you to have separate crypto exchange accounts for each bot.

SMART Margins & Signals

SMART Margins relate to the signals that our algorithms and traders provide you with. They consist of a “buy range” as well as a target and stop loss. Our software gives you the option to follow these margins for our available exchange platforms.

Traders can also update the stop loss if necessary for their trades only. SMART Margins provide signals on Binance Futures and FTX. The leverage needs to be placed in the settings within the exchange directly.


Our crypto signals provide you with the latest insights into market trends. These are important when trading because it will allow you to keep up-to-date on where the market is heading.

Receiving these updates is critical because it may save you from making bad trades. You also will have a better understanding of your portfolio’s worth in the future.

Please be aware that the leverage needs to be placed in settings on the exchange directly. The risk per trade is fixed at 2%.

How do I set up SMART Margins?

For a more detailed explanation for setting up SMART Margins, please refer to our product playbook. Here is how to get started with SMART Margins in 4 easy steps:

Step #1: Go to Binance Futures or FTX and create an account and your API keys.

Step #2: Log in to your 4C Trading dashboard and click on the “Wallet” section from the panel on the left and go to the API Keys section

Step #3: Go to the “SMART Bots & Trading” section and click the “ADD” button. Fill out the exchange, API type, API key, and API secret, then click “Save” to save your API key.

Step #4: Once the key is set, head to your Binance account and add the newly created API key.

Can I create my own signals?

Our bots allow you to make your own signals on the Binance Spot market. This allows you to create and monitor the market without the risk of impacting the signals you follow thanks to the SMART Margins.

If our SMART Bots trade on autopilot why do we need signals?

Although your SMART Bots do the heavy lifting on the market for you, it’s still important to know the trends of the crypto markets. Some subscribers may still manual trade, or do a combination of manually trading and using our SMART Bots.

Regardless of your strategy, it’s always important to receive signals to stay informed.


Other Commonly Asked Questions

Why does 4C Trading have trading limits with the SMART Bots?

We changed our model in order to fit more with the needs of the community and give users with a lower portfolio, the chance to start investing.

The point is to avoid increasing slippage and decreasing the performance of all the users. We decided to follow the rule: the more you put on the bot, the lower the volume you leave to new customers, and the more you pay.

It gave us the possibility to offer a low subscription for people without a lot of capital, which provides a fair playing field for all.

Why is the risk capped at 2% for margin signals?

The 2% risk has been established by our team of experts in order to allow consistency in the proposed trading strategy and to diversify your risk. If you wish to understand more about the PNL (%) risk, do not hesitate to contact us or visit this Medium article for more information.

Our New Dashboard and API


We now have a sleek new dashboard allowing you to find access to your 4C tools rights away! Users will now set up their FTX or Binance Futures margin bots through their dashboard.

Simply log into your 4C dashboard, head to the “Wallet” on the left panel, and click on “API Key”. In order to get your bot to trade on the API, you’ll have to add the API under the “SMART Bots & Trading” section. If you wish to only track the results, then set it under “portfolio monitoring”.

Users will also have access to view the performance of BTC, ETH, and LINK algorithms through their dashboard.