SMART Bots & Margin

Setup Guide


Here’s a step by step guide to help you set up your account and API Keys to get started on using the SMART Bots and Margin.


How to set up the new SMART Bots?

⚠️ Important: You need to create one account per SMART Bot.

Step 1:

The SMART Bots only trade on Binance Spot. Create an account and API keys on Binance

Step 2:

After registration, you will have your own Binance Dashboard. On your Binance dashboard, go to “Setting” on the left column and click on “API Management” in the dropdown box.


Step 3:

You will be directed to “Create API” page where you will have to give your API key a name eg. SMARTBTC.


Step 4: 

You will then receive 2 codes - the API Key and the API Secret. Save both of these codes in a secret and safe place where only you will have access to them. You will need the API keys and API Secret later to link to your 4C Dashboard.

Binance 3


Creating your account on the 4C Dashboard

Step 1:

Go to: and create your account with your Telegram ID.

Step 2:

Login with your Telegram ID or Email. Should you want to use the Bot on Telegram, the best practice is to login with your Telegram ID. You will then be asked to enter the phone number corresponding to your Telegram account, which will allow you to receive an activation code to enter on the dashboard.

pasted image 0


Step 3:

Whether logging in with your Email or Telegram, this is what your dashboard will look like when you first connect. You just have to set up a mandatory email address to finalize your account by clicking on the blue button. You will have to choose a password and an email address that will be linked with your dashboard.

opera_gVpN50eSjv (1)

Step 4: 

After setting up your email and password, you will be redirected to this page. Fill out this form and confirm your email address and telegram account with the verification code that you will receive. That’s it! Your account is synced!

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Linking the API keys with the 4C Dashboard:


Now that you have synced your accounts, it's time to link your APIs to your dashboard. Your dashboard will then allow you to access all your account information, total balance,Diamond Reports, and manage your bots.

Step 1:

On the left column of your 4C Dashboard, click on Wallet. In the dropdown box, select “API Keys”. 


Step 2:

Next, select “Smart Bots & Trading” and click on the “ADD” button. To monitor your wallet, you will also need to add the API into the “Portfolio Monitoring” section. Otherwise, it is just trading.


Step 3:

Fill in the “Exchange” from the list of dropdown box. Select “Binance” because the SMART Bots trade on the Binance spot market. 


Step 4: 

Next, select the Type of your API (SmartBTC, SmartETH, SmartLINK) and enter your API Key and Secret API.

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Activating the SMART Bots

On the left column, click on the SmartBots tab and then Settings. Then click on the ON/OFF button, and enable SmartBots.



Position and performance monitoring

Your bots are now active and all you have to do is wait for a signal for the SmartBots to appear. Information about the positions opened by the SmartUSD and Smart Margin can be found in the SmartBots tab and on the Telegram Bot too.

pasted image 0 (1)


Regarding the performance, you can find the list of all the trades performed by the Bots as well as their profit/loss under the Performance tab.

unnamed (4)



We’ve implemented “Notifications” that include everything needed to resolve a potential issue should there be any. You can find it under the tab “Trading”.

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How to set up your SMART Margins

Setting up your API Keys on Binance Futures


Step 1:

Create an account on Binance Futures 👉

Step 2:

In the upper right corner, click on your account and then on your nickname in the dropdown menu. You will be redirected to your Binance Dashboard.

unnamed (6)



Click on your Account settings page in the upper right corner and select “API management” in the Account settings page.

unnamed (7)


Step 4:

At the API management page give your API key a label and click “Create”.

unnamed (8)
Step 5:

Then the confirmation through 2FA follows, if you set it on your account (highly recommended!). Alternatively, you can choose “Phone Verification”. Get and type codes sent to your email and mobile phone. Click Submit.

unnamed (9)


Step 6:

You will be redirected to the page that contains information on your API Key and Secret API keys. Copy your API keys, save and store this information in a safe location.

unnamed (10)

Step 7:

To enable Margin Trading, click on “Edit Restrictions”. Select “Enable Spot & Margin Trading” option. Finish this step by clicking on “Save” button (same place where Edit Restriction is).



Setting up your API Keys on FTX

Step 1:

Create an account or login to 👉


Step 2:

Go to setting, on the page, scroll down to the “API Keys” section. Select “Create API Key”.



Step 3:

Done! Your API Key and API Secret will be generated. Copy your API keys, save and store this information in a safe location.

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Setting up the SMART Margin on your 4C Dashboard


  • After logging into your 4C dashboard, click “Wallet” from the side panel



  • From wallet, select the “API Keys” tab from the dropdown menu



  • In the “Smart Bots & Trading” section click the “Add” button. To monitor your wallet, you will also need to add the API into the “Portfolio Monitoring” section. Otherwise, it is just trading. 



  • Select the exchange you want to connect from the first dropdown menu. SMART Margin is only available on Binance Futures and FTX. 
  • Select the API key type (Margin Trading) from the exchange from the second dropdown.



  • Input your API key and API secret



  • Once all information is provided, click the “Save” button to connect your account and activate SMART Margin. If you wish to test and make sure everything is working, click the “test” button next to the save button. 



How to adjust your leverage on Binance Futures and FTX.


⚠️Risk per trade is fixed at 2%. Should you wish to adjust the number of leverage, you need to do so directly on the exchanges - Binance Futures or FTX.


Adjusting leverage on Binance Futures:

Step 1:

On the menu tab of your Binance Dashboard, mouse over “Derivatives” and on the dropdown box, select USDT-Futures.



Step 2:

On this page, on the top left hand corner, you can set up or adjust your leverage by clicking on the type of leverage - Cross or Isolated (left button), followed by the amount of leverage (right button).

unnamed (12)


Step 3:

Not sure if you should go for Cross or Isolated leverage type? Don’t worry, there will be a prompt message to explain the difference once you click on the leverage type button (left button). You can take your time to read and decide before clicking on the “Confirm” button.

Futures Leverage_4


Step 4:

Next, you can adjust your leverage amount according to each trading pair

Futures Leverage_5a


Adjusting leverage on FTX:

On your FTX Dashboard, go to “Settings” (found in the dropdown box when you mouse over your account ID). Scroll down the settings page to the “Margin” section. From there, you can select or adjust the amount of leverage.

⚠️Note: on FTX, you cannot adjust the amount of leverage according to each trading pair. The leverage amount is automatically set up for all trading pairs once you have selected your leverage amount.

FTX Leverage_1